Apr 1, 2021 - 1 minute read

GitHub Wiki SEE


A project to get GitHub Wikis indexed by Google Search.

Explanation is right on the front page.

If a search engine can’t see it, it may as well be invisible.

Long-term project involving Rust, BigQuery, Cloudflare Workers, and lots of random hosting.

Probably one more the more visited sites on the internet and a continous effort to keep costs low.

Has caused GitHub to revisit their policy on a limited subset of Wikis meeting some criteria.

Will continue until all Wikis are indexed even if they are publically editable or don’t meet some star count criteria.

Personally, I just got really dismayed all this documentation I was doing on a Wiki wasn’t visible to Google. Then I realized it was a good idea to make it visible. Then I realized others don’t realize it was invisible at all. This was a problem.