Oct 12, 2023 - 1 minute read

Replicate.com Openpilot Replay Clipper

Web capture_8-11-2023_9551_replicate com

The replay clipper has been ported to Replicate.com!


Along with it comes a slew of upgrades and updates:

  • GPU accelerated decoding, rendering, and encoding. NVIDIA GPUs are provided to the Replicate environment and greatly speed up the clipper.
  • Rapid fast downloading of clips. Instead of relying on replay to handle downloads sequentially in a non-parallel manner, we use the parfive library to download underlying data in parallel.
  • Comma Connect URL Input. No need to mentally calculate the starting time and length. Just copy and paste the URL from Comma Connect.
  • Video/UI-less mode. Don’t want UI? You can have it.
  • 360 mode. Render 360 clips
  • Forward Upon Wide. Render clips with the forward clip upon the wide clip
  • Richer error messages to help pinpoint issues.
  • No more having to manage GitHub Codespaces. Replicate handles all the setup and cleanup for you.

Unfortunately, there is a cost. It’s a very small cost but technically Replicate.com is not free. Expect to drop a cent per render. Thankfully, you have a lot a trial credits to burn through and the clipper can run on a free-ish tier.