Nelson Chen

Dec 15, 2018 - 2 minute read

Gooey and PyInstaller for easy to write, distribute, and use scripts!

What is:

  • Easy to write
  • Easy to distribute and portable
  • Super Powerful
  • Cross Platform
  • Puts computer novices and professionals on the same level?

I think it’s a combination of Gooey and PyInstaller. If you put those two together, you get all those above.

  • It’s Python, so it’s easy to write. There are so many guides online and a wide assortment of libraries. Most importantly, you get libraries that have a strong eye towards ergonomics. Python is a wonderful beginner’s language that some people even call an executable psuedolanguage.
  • PyInstaller bundles applications into a single folder or exe so it’s easy to distribute.
  • You get the full force of Python’s language and its ecosystem behind you.
  • Python is cross platform, but Gooey’s GUI is also as well. Don’t be expecting to make “Destiny”-style GUIs with it. But do be expecting a surprising amount of native-ness.
  • While PyInstaller does package the application up into a portable Python script, the existing command line invokation is still left for professionals. Simply add --ignore-gooey to the list of arguments. Now it’s just a plain old script.

The Gooey PyInstaller Demo was presented at a DesertPy meetup in August of 2018. It’s a project showing the development of a simple argument parsing script all the way up to a portable GUI. Future improvements to the demo include some CI scripts and configurations. This was completed on 2018-12-15.

Demo Project Link: